What We Do

Cinematic Direction Workshops

Our team of legendary instructors will take you through all aspects of directing documentaries, shows, videoclips, films/movies, TV series, and commercials, including best use of photography, equipment, audio/video, and software tools. We can bring out the best in you so you can accomplish your cinematic goals!


Spanish/Portugese workshop: Led by Blad Meneghel and Celso Rangel

English workshop: Led by Leo Fiorito and Bianca Lopes bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Music and Audio Engineering Workshop

This workshop teaches you everything you will need to know for musical production, musical direction, and composing sound tracks for cinema, TV, theater and advertising.


Spanish/Portugese workshop: Led by Celso Rangel

Telenovela Scriptwriting Workshop

This course is for all those who are eager to learn how to write telenovelas and enter the demanding labor market. It will help you to obtain the knowledge for the assembly of your projects and presentation of them to the television channels.


Spanish and Portugese workshop: Led by Adriano Nunes and Shana Ramirez

Acting Workshop

This course is for all those who are eager to learn the art of acting in any medium, whether it be Movies, TV, Advertisements, or any other medium.


Spanish and Portugese workshop: Led by Paulo Goulart

Photography Workshop – Beginners

Learn firsthand from pro photographers and experts how to make engaging video and still images and how to craft a visual story that will delight viewers. Includes the basics of photography, including ISO, aperture and shutter speed.  How to apply these fundamentals to the process of setting your camera manually.  How and when to use creative modes, exposure compensation, metering modes, and selective focus.


Spanish and Portuguese workshop: Led by Blad Meneghel and Luciano Maas

Practice and Lecture

Photography Workshop – Intermediate

Bring your expertise to the next level with guidance from professional photographers and behind-the-camera experts. Topics include: Natural Lighting Techniques,  Studio Lighting Techniques, Timed Exhibitions (Night Photography),  How to avoid mixed lighting, Reflectors, diffusers and fill flash.  Use of speedlights, strobes, continuous lighting systems, umbrellas and softboxes.  Camera setting techniques.


Spanish and Portuguese workshop: Led by Blad Meneghel and Luciano Maas

Practice and Lecture

Our Goal

Esguion is a company dedicated to teaching the art and science of Writing, Directing, Acting and Producing Movies, Music and Telenovelas.  Our professionals have more than 30 years experience in all major fields of Directing, Audio Production, and Writing.


We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and conducting seminars and workshops in order to help develop the careers of other aspiring talented professionals.  Our work brings together technique, boldness, and innovation; balanced pillars that lead to success.


Meet Our Team



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