Welcome to Esguion Entertainment


We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and conducting seminars to help develop the careers of other aspiring talented professionals. Our work brings together techniques, audacity and innovation; Balanced pillars that lead to success.

Mission Statement


 Our mission at Esguion is to educate and inspire film / television directors, music/audio directors and producers, telenovela writers, actresses and storytellers to achieve their creative potential.  We provide lifelong learning opportunities for those seeking fine arts and media-related professions.  We are committed to fostering a diverse community that values ​​creativity, respects culture and seeks to deepen human understanding and expand communication in the world.



Esguion was founded in 2007 by Adriano Nunes, Susana Ramírez and Lucila Arcuña with the mission of teaching new writers the techniques of how to write telenovelas.  After 12 years of success, Esguion has the honor to merge with and welcome an expert team full of stars.  Bladimir Meneghel, brother and director of Xuxa, Celso Rangel, a legendary music producer, Paulo Goulart Filho, son of Paulo Goulart and Nicette Brun, famous actor, director and choreographer, Leo Fiorito, program director of Rede Globo, Bianca Lopes, director of programs of Rede Globo and Luciano Oliveira, founder and president of the MAAS institute.