Led By Celso Rangel

Language: Spanish/Portugese


Next Available Session: 

June 9, 2019 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida




  1. What is Music Production.
  2. What Makes a Music Producer?
  3. Stages of Music Production:
    • Concept Music (Album / EP / Single) – Relation – artist, record label and entrepreneur)
    • Screening/Selection of the Repertoire
    • Studio Selection
    • The Producer (Because this or that)
    • Equipment – Physical & Digital
    • Selection of Instruments & Musicians
    • Arrangement
    • Base recording
    • Recording Coverage
    • Voice & Vocal Recording
    • Use of samplers (when and why)
    • Pre-Mixing
    • Mixing Concepts – Use of Equalizers, Compressors and Effects
    • Concept of Mastering
    • Finalization – Delivery of material for CDs, streaming, films and video
  4. Post-Production of Audio for Films & Videos – Treatment and Removal of Noise
  5. Concept of Audio Mixing for Movies and Videos – Dubbing, Movies and Videos



  1. Who is the Musical Director?
  2. What does the Music Director Do (TV, Theater, Movies, Videos, Music Album, Live Show)?
  3. Stages of Musical Direction
  4. Music (Album CD)
  5. TV (Television programs)
  6. TV (General Musical Direction of the TV station)
  7. What is the relationship between the Music Producer and Music Director?




  1. What is an Original Soundtrack?
  2. How to Know How to Read a Roadmap for Original Soundtracks (TV, Movies, Videos and Games)
  3. Which way to go for a good original soundtrack (TV, Movies, Videos and Games)
  4. How to Activate Your Creative Mind in Music.
  5. Software & Samplers
  6. Music Production – From beginning to end, step by step
  7. Arrangement
  8. Post Production
  9. Mixing of Original Soundtracks – Use of Equalizers, Compressors and Effects
  10. Finalization and Delivery of Material- Delivery of material for CDs, streaming, films and videos)