Celso Rangel

is a legendary Musical Producer, Musical Director, Composer of Sound Tracks (Cinema, TV, Theater and Advertising), Audio Engineer for Recording Studio and Live Shows.  He has worked with the likes of Claudio Gabis, Isidoro Kutno, Oren Perlin, Hélio Delmiro, Joe Diorio and many others.  

Born in Rio de Janeiro. Celso demonstrates a contemporary vision in the shows of each artist with whom he presents or produces, while maintaining his identity and musical personality.  Celso began his career in renowned recording studios in Rio de Janeiro as: Studio Hawaii, Technicians, Geo & Cia, Guti Carvalho Stúdios, Roupa Nova, Som Livre Studios, Mosh, Gravodisc, SunTrip, Vibe etc … working alongside great Brazilian artists he became a technical expert.  Celso learned to play mandolin with Joel Nascimento (disciple of Jacob do Mandolim, still a child) and guitar with Hélio Delmiro, his main instrument.


Recent successes: 

  • Worked in the production Rock In Rio, Free Jazz Festival, Hollywood Rock, Amigos,  Heineken in Concert, Brazilian Jazz Festival, among others.
  • Currently he is the Musical Director and Creator of Musical Rock Evolution
  • Voting Member of the Recording Academy of the Latin Grammy
  • Recently received 2018 “Quality Awards” as “The Professional of the Year”
  • Received the “COMENDER – Order of International Merit”  in São Paulo on November, 2018


Today, with all the experience gained from his years of work, Celso Rangel develops musical artistic projects in the field of Musical Marketing for companies and advertising agencies, Direct Audio Capture for Films, Post Production of audio for films, TV programs, Musical Direction of Original Soundtracks for Movies, TV and Theater and also develops artistic planning for independent artists. 

Celso also develops the production and direction of Dvds.


Some notable accomplishments:

  • Worked with several MPB artists such as: Banda Fincabaute, Cassiano, Baby Consuelo, Cláudio Zóli, Elza Soares,  and many many others in different musical genres such as: Rock, Samba, Country, Ax, Chorinho, Jazz, Pop Lyric etc.
  • Produced independent music artists in major studios in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Recife, São Paulo, Miami (Florida), New York, Hamburg (Germany)
  • Performed original independent tracks and production for Rádio Fluminense FM, TV Manchete, Rede Globo de Televisão, SBT – Brazilian Television System, Rede Record, Rádio Cidade FM, among others
  • Produced soundtracks for theatrical pieces such as: Very crazy farewell, The blind and the crazy, The way of Santiago, Near the Fire, Who Invented the Love was Roberto Carlos, The Frolickers Musical of New York, Unconditional The Movie, Take It or Not Take, The Guilt is the Elderly, Among Us All, among others
  • He studied composition and regency at Estácio de Sá Faculty with Maria Luiza de Matos Prioli and at Vila Lobos music school with Maestro Alceo Boquino, Functional Harmony with Roberto Gnatalli and Toninho Horta. Harmonia Modal with Flávio Goulart, guitar and improvisation at Musiarte with Isidoro Kutno and Oren Perlin. Guitar and improvisation with Joe Diorio (GIT Teacher – Los Angeles – Guitar Institute of Tecnology) and Jazz guitar with Jarbas Barbosa and Matheus Starling