Susana Ramirez

Writer – Coach – Networker

From Argentina, Mom of Tyra (12)


Some of Susana’s Notable Accomplishments:


  • Founder and Vice President of “Esguión Entertainment”
  • Public Accountant – University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Postgraduate in Mediation of Conflicts in Organizations – Universidad de Psicología, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • President and Coach in Leadership and Marketing of “Raza Networkers and Associates”
  • Representative of Uruguayans Hoy Community Services Inc. 501 (c3)
  • Cultural Representative of Argentina in “Fiesta de Pueblo” -Palm Beach County
  • Founder “Hispanic Women Networkers”
  • Founder of “Successful Women”
  • Director and Producer of “Englishtang”de Ramirez y Giraldes. Tangos Show in English and Spanish
  • Author, Director and Producer of the FM Radio Program “Let’s make a deal”
  • Production and co-production of children’s shows and events.
  • Scriptwriter of soap operas, short films and publicity.
  • Theatrical Coach Program “Theater for young Hispanics” Latin American Cultural Center (Palm Beach-USA)
  • Assistant Member of the “Practical Theoretical Workshop of Techniques and Secrets to write operas”
  • Ex-Former Member of the Economic Sciences Choir of the University of Buenos Aires
  • Certified in Theater Arts, Classical and Spanish Dance, Piano and Guitar
  • Actress of traditional argentine plays. Participations in movies.
  • International Independent Distributor of 4Life Research