Telenovelas Scriptwriting Secrets Workshop

Led By: Adriano Nunes, Susana Ramirez

Language: Spanish/Portuguese

Duration: 16 Hours

Cost: $695

Next Available Session: 

June 8-9 2019 (2 days) – Fort Lauderdale, Florida


This course is for all those who are eager to learn how to write telenovelas and enter the demanding labor market. It will help you to obtain the knowledge for the assembly of your projects and presentation of them to the television channels. With a simple dynamic and easy to understand course, you will learn the technique for writing telenovelas thus bringing out… your Passion for writing !!!


Introduction to the Telenovela genre

    • What is the telenovela?
    • History of the genre
    • Phenomena
    • Labor market


    • Support to the main frame
    • Individual support
    • Character Trajectory


    • Interpretation of scale
    • Key Points
    • Scene development


    • Format
    • Active and passive dialogues
    • Ratings and dialogues
    • Sounds and technical terms
    • Types of Scenes and Scenarios
    • Bible Script
    • Copyright
    • What
    • Team work


    • Building the Idea
    • Bank of ideas


    • Short synopsis
    • Long Synopsis
    • Synopsis for sale

Character profile

    • Features
    • Character Psychology and Behavior


Dramatic Arches

    • Construction of arches

General and Chapter Scale


Making of commercials