Adriano Nunes

is the founder and President of Esguion and comes from the beautiful

island of Florianópolis,  capital of the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil. 


Adriano Nunes emigrated to the United States of America in 1998. The passion for the art of acting, directing and writing, inspired him to write the book “Técnicas y Secretos para Escribir Telenovelaswith the co-authorship of Lucila Arcuña. He is the founder and President of Esguión Entertainment, a company founded in partnership with Susana Ramírez and Lucila Arcuña in 2007. Since then he has led this fantastic team of writers who have worked on pieces for theater, film and television in the United States, Mexico and Spain.   Adriano Nunes’ career:

  • President / Screenwriter / Director of Esguión Entertainment
  • Acupuncturist and President of the MyLong Life Acupuncture Clinic
  • Partner of AGP Holdings
  • Writer / Program Director Good Morning Alegría MAAS – Radio CCB
  • Writer / Director / Presenter of the “MAAS Alegría Talent Show
  • Writer for RTVE (Madrid-Spain)
  • Director / Lecturer of the Art and Film Seminar (Las Vegas-USA)
  • Participant in the Telemundo Telenovela Workshop (Miami-USA)
  • Theater Director of the Latin American Cultural Center (Palm Beach-USA)
  • Actor in El Galpón de Catalinas (Buenos Aires- Argentina)
  • Actor at the Palazzo Santa Chiara (Rome-Italy)
  • Actor at the Théâtre Antoine (Paris-France)
  • Actor / Director / Fashion Designer of the Dreams and Costumes Theater Group
  • Actor / Director / Fashion Designer of the Alegría de Vivir Theater Group


Works of its authorship:

  • “El Castillo de La Terrible
  • “Bruja Malvaya”
  • “No Habrá Navidad”
  • “Ser feliz”
  • “El Regreso”
  • “Por amor”
  • “Ame sin el pudor de ser feliz”
  • “Vivir”
  • “Regalo del Creador”
  • “Somos todos Iguales”
  • “Mi Vocación, Mi Corazón y Mi Decisión”
  • “Teatro Terapia para Vivir”



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